Flute Studio

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My teaching style focuses on an exacting language which describes the physical actions required for musical expression through the flute. Each studio member has an individualized program of study, catered to their specific interests and musical goals. My students study a range of styles from traditional conservatory repertoire to jazz, pop music, and complex contemporary works. Students also partake in professional development sessions, to learn about writing and promoting their work. There are several ways you can study with me, listed below. Also make sure to check out my upcoming performances and say hello!


Private Lessons

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Moorpark College

If you're college-bound consider signing up for lessons with me at Moorpark College. All music class credits are transferable to a four-year program. Take some time with me to hone your musical personality while looking for the best music program for you!


Learn a contemporary piece!

Are you interested in learning more about contemporary music? Do you have a specific piece in mind you're excited about learning? I offer specialized private courses designed to help you master your challenging contemporary repertoire!